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Kelowna EMDR Clinic

Hello, my name is Ashley Phillips and I am the founder of the Kelowna EMDR Clinic in the Okanagan. Over the course of my counselling career I noticed how frequently my clients’ problems stemmed from some experience of trauma earlier in their lives. In fact, prevalence of anxiety, depression, panic attacks, and other mental health issues in our society indicates to me that many of us have

Ashley Phillips, founder of the Kelowna EMDR Clinic

unresolved psychologically traumatic experiences that continue to adversely affect our daily lives. So when I learned about the effectiveness of EMDR therapy in treating traumatic memories, I was naturally drawn to it. I ended up studying EMDR therapy under Sue Genest who is widely considered to be one of the best EMDR trainers in Canada. 


When I started using EMDR therapy in sessions with my clients, it felt very satisfying and rewarding to see how quickly my clients were making progress. And because I recognize that there are many more people who can benefit from EMDR therapy than I can treat personally, I decided to start Kelowna EMDR Clinic, where I could work alongside other excellent EMDR practitioners.

We are the first-of-its-kind clinic in the Okanagan that primarily focuses on EMDR therapy.


Every day we strive to be the go-to place for EMDR therapy in Kelowna. We do that by creating and cultivating an environment that attracts and retains the best EMDR therapists to our currently small, but growing, team. Right now we have six EMDR therapists to serve you. I anticipate that as we establish the clinic, our team will continue to expand.

Our Team

Ashley Phillips

MEd (Counselling), CCC

Ashley specializes in PTSD & C-PTSD, recent traumatic events, perinatal death, binge eating disorders and phobias & fears (e.g. needles, spiders, heights, flying, enclosed spaces). Ashley is the founder of the Kelowna EMDR clinic and has over 10 years of experience working with individuals and groups to create meaningful change in their lives.


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Erin specializes in Trauma and working with first responders, health care workers and those experiencing perinatal and post partum depression. With over 7 years of counselling experience and a voracious appetite for learning and professional development, Erin loves helping people on their journey towards greater health, happiness, and healing.


For more information about Erin click here.

Gagan Baidwan - Photo - Gagandeep Baidwan.jpg
Gagan Baidwan


Gagan specializes in Trauma, Couples and Anxiety. Drawing on more than 20 years of experience in mental health and 10 years as a Registered Social Worker and Psychotherapist with Health Authorities and Federal Government, Gagan has helped his clients realize their potential and live more freely, authentically and joyfully.


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Davina Huey


Davina specializes in women, teens, indigenous and transitions. has completed her Master of Counselling from the University of Gonzaga and has completed her Basic EMDR training.  She is also a certified BodyTalker and Yoga Teacher. She looks forward to being a support for people looking to unwind their trauma response to life, who want to dive deep and get to know who they are and step into a meaningful and creative life.


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Bex Troock


Bex is a Registered Social Worker and EMDR Therapist who specializes in trauma, adverse childhood experiences, anxiety, depression, grief, forgiveness, and self compassion. Bex is a strengths based therapist with a compassionate and relational approach. Bex would be honored to assist in guiding you back to your whole & authentic self.

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20221016_165628 - Lindsay Deane - med.jpeg
Lindsay Deane

MSW, RCC (Pending)


Lindsay Deane specializes in children, adolescents, parenting and family dynamics. She understands how added difficulties of traumatic events can make the experience of adolescence feel unbearable. She takes a relational approach to help children, teens and parents deal with the effects of trauma, life transitions, and difficult family dynamics.

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Lacey Molyneaux

Client Care Coordinator


Your first point of contact at the clinic, Lacey will be thrilled to help match you with one of our therapists, assist you with new bookings, waitlists, intake forms, billing, general questions about the practice, and anything else you might need.

Interested in joining our EMDR Practice?

We want to build a team of EMDR-trained counsellors who are dedicated to on-going professional development. We aim to create a fun, fair, and respectful environment. If you are the type of person who is more interested in working with clients and helping them get better than in figuring out how to build and run a counselling practice, we'd like to hear from you: info@kelownaemdr.ca

If you share our values but don't have EMDR certification, we can explore a path to you getting trained and joining our practice.